Fnico Feldmann

Acrobat, he followed an amateur course at the Lido while pursuing studies to become a professor of E.P.S. After the latter, he turned to teaching circus, at the Lido but also at the Pronomades, at La Grainerie and in other structures.
In 2003 he founded the company Les Renversés with two other circus artists.

In 2006 he participated in the creation of the show “Les Rèves Oubliés” of the Cie la Baraque with which he continues to collaborate.
In 2008 he co-authored the show “iéto” with Jonathan Guichard, Cyril Malivert and Christian Coumin. This show will have more than 300 performances in 25 countries until 2013.

In 2016 he is on the road again with “L’instinct du imbalance” by the Cie iéto.
In charge of the artistic direction of iéto since 2018, he co-wrote the show “Pour Hêtre” with Itamar Glucksman and Benjamin de Mattéis directing.