Compagnie Iéto


To Be(ech)
To (Be)ech – Short form
The Instinct of Imbalance

Upcoming Shows

August 2024
Communauté de Communes du Bas-Armagnac Nogaro
August 2024
Festival Vertical'été Mont-Dauphin (05)
August 2024
Festival Là-Haut Cauterets (65)

A propos

The story of iéto begins with “i” and “o”, Fnico Feldmann and Jonathan Guichard create the number “Stick Together” at the Riu Ferrer farm in the summer of 2006.

In November 2008, the show “ieto” was created. In September 2010, Mosi Abdu Espinoza Navarro took over the role of Jonathan Guichard. This first show runs for 5 years with more than 300 performances in 25 different countries.

In 2014, Sébastien Brun, Itamar Gluksmann and Alys Marchi joined the company. The quartet “The Instinct of Imbalance” was released in 2016.

Enriched by this first artistic collaboration, Fnico and Itamar are starting a new adventure together. In October 2019, “To Be(ech)” begins its tour.

In June 2022, an external, short and participative form of “To Be(ech)” is born. This lighter form is currently running alongside the indoor show.

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