To Be(ech)


Fnico Feldmann and Itamar Glucksmann are used to working as a duo to testify to what founds their humanity. But this latest creation was thought of as a trio. They share their sensitivity and benevolence with this beech tree, this counterpart, another representative of the living.

Directed by Benjamin De Matteïs, they talk about the passage of time, our fragility in a cosmos that surpasses us, their way of resisting chaos, of climbing to the heights while anchoring themselves in solid ground. These desires are almost metaphysical. They find an obvious and luminous correspondence in the simple presence of this tree which then becomes a partner. Although having a longevity that is difficult for us to apprehend, the tree carries within it a lot of the human condition through its strength and vulnerability.



Like the growth of branches like a gushing life, roots suggesting the past and history, leaves rustling and making movement heard before falling, they accompany us in a philosophical reverie on the relationship between Living man.

By storming this emissary of nature in a thousand and one ways, the acrobats fluidly draw more than a spectacle: a metaphor. That of humanity, a wisp of straw in the flow of the elements.


Teaser To Be(ech)



Midi libre
Fnico Feldmann Acrobat Itamar Glucksmann Acrobat Emilien Picard Technician Patrice Lecussan Technician Fabien Megnin Technician Benjamin De Mattéïs Director